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Geriatric Medicine Interest Group - Officers

Student Leaders

Deborah Moon

Deborah Moon

Deborah Moon is a first year medical student at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. During her undergraduate studies at Duke University, she developed her interest in aging and social disparities, and she completed her original Honors Thesis on the chronic pain experience in older adults. Having enjoyed her past leadership experiences in Adopt-A-Grandparent and also as a facilitator of aging classes, Deborah is excited to have the opportunity to continue organizing volunteering activities and panels about aging in medical school with fellow coordinators who share a passion in caring for the elderly. Some of Deborah's interests include aging, chronic pain, immunology, mental health, and preventive and primary care.


Tina Ma

Christina Ma

Tina Ma is a first year medical student at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She completed her undergraduate degrees in Biological Anthropology and Neuroscience at Dartmouth College in 2014. At Dartmouth, she was involved in an Alzheimer's Disease visitation program, where she observed how emphasizing quality of life could greatly improve patients' experience of illness. Working with elderly Chinese-speaking patients navigate social and medical services helped her solidify her interest in caring for and empowering an older patient population, as did conducting research in shared health care decision making. Tina's professional vision is to work to maintain and restore function and quality of life in older adults. Her academic interests include bone health, fracture outcomes, clinical nutrition, and quality improvement.


Olivia Ishibashi

Olivia Ishibashi

Olivia Ishibashi is a first-year medical student in the Programs in Medical Education (PRIME) program at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology at Stanford University. After graduating, she was selected to become an International Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and represented the Rotary District of Los Angeles abroad in Montreal, Quebec of Canada. As a scholar, she attended McGill University and completed a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research. As a medical student participating in a community leadership Masters/MD program, her professional goals are to empower and medically serve women of advanced age in under-resourced communities. She will further explore her interest in geriatric medicine as an MSTAR scholar during the summer.

Program Advisers

Jonathan Wanagat, MD, PhD

Dr. Wanagat's profile can be found here.


Susan Charette, MD

Dr. Charette's profile can be found here.

Program Coordinator

Brittany Barba

Brittany Barba, MPH

Brittany Barba holds a Masters of Public Health in Community Health Sciences from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. She provides administrative support and project coordination within the UCLA Geriatrics department. Ms. Barba is committed to serving the older population and their caregivers through public health, medical, and educational efforts. Her interests include healthy aging, community health, primary care, and health disparities among minority seniors.