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2016 Poster Winners

2016 Research Conference on Aging Poster Winners

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences Posters

Hematopoietic Cell Rejuvenation Delays Aging-Related Cognitive Decline
Das M, Godoy M, Chen S, Dang I, Yáñez A, Liu G, Svendsen C and Goodridge H

Posiphen Reverses Behavioral Deficits and Neuropathology in a Rat Model of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Hatami A, McDowell K, Sutton R, Ghavim S, Dutta G, Kutsuna N, Subramaniam S, Zhu C, Relano-Gines A, Boodaie B, Kawakatsu S, Hovda D, Maccecchini M, and Chesselet MF

The Neuronal Beta Estrogen Receptor Supports Hippocampal-Dependent Cognitive Function
Kammel LG, Itoh N, Ahdi H, O’Dell TJ, and R Voskuhl

Isomerized Aspartate Residues in Rodent Eye Lens Protein Act as a Marker of Biological Aging
Warmack R

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Psychometric performance of the Korean 12-item Expectations Regarding Aging Survey (KERA-12)
Araiza D, Choi S, Oh A and Sarkisian C

Depression and Coleman Care Transitions Intervention
Aronow H and Fila S

Does Selective Learning in Older Adults Come at an Expense?
Hennessee J, Knowlton B and Castel A

When Wrinkles Disappear with Age: Temporal Value Asymmetry and Aging
Siegel A, Hargis M, McGillivray S, Drolet A, and Castel A

Health Sciences

Biological Sciences Posters

Sleep Disturbances and Markers of Biological Aging
Carroll JE, Esquivel S, Goldberg A, Seeman TE, Effros RB, Dock J, Olmstead R, Breen EC, and Irwin MR

Reducing Consult Cancellation Due to Inability to Contact Geriatric Patients
Gotanda H, Tan D and Weintraub N

Identifying and Prioritizing Patient-Centered Goals for Dementia Care
Jennings LA, Hays RD, Wenger NS, Ramirez KD, Reuben DB

Delivering a Clinical Exercise Program to Rural Veterans via Clinical Video Telehealth
Blanchard EH, Castle S, Ines E, Morey MC, Deberry J, Humecky T, Obar F and Lee CC

Social Research, Policy and Practice


Fostering a Cross-Campus Gerontology Community of Practice
Claver M

Reducing Low Value Pre-Operative Testing for Cataract Surgery among Older Adults in LA County: A Choosing Wisely Intervention
Godoy-Travieso P, Sarff L, Carrillo C, Berry J, Amaya R, Wong B, Sayles J, Mafi J and Sarkisian C

Blood Pressure and the Great Recession: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
Merkin SS

The Value in Rushing: Aging and Value-Directed Remembering When Short on Time
Middlebrooks CD, Kerr TK, and Castel AD